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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  October 8, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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it's sunday, october 8. good morning and thanks so much for joining us. i'm chris wguyen. carolyn tyler has date off today. frances is in for lisa >> blue skies for today. temperatures in the 60s. fairfield just hit 69, san francisco is currently 56 degrees. check out this beautiful live view. it's going to be a great day. sunny and mild in the next hour, most temperatures in the 50s and clear and blue this afternoon. in fact, we'll still see a warm evening by 5:00. inland areas will be in the low 80s, around the bay mid-70s and mid-60s at the coast. things will get very windy overnight into tomorrow, so red flag warning will be in effect
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starting at 11:00 a.m. i'll have the details coming up. chris? >> frances, thank you. developing news out of marin county. the chp has arrested a man in connection with hitting four bicyclists with his truck. the department posted this picture of the suspect on their facebook page. it was just before noon yesterday when the man appeared to swerve toward the bikers on hicks valley road. this was the scene after the accident. twisted bikes were all over the road. the bikers were on a fundraising ride for the wynn county bikers coalition. the bikers were hit, one of them serious seriously. the truck had custom rims and oversize tires. no motive has been released for the alleged attack. on the gulf coast, more than 100,000 people are without power this morning and flooding is rampant. but residents are breathing a little easier now that hurricane nate is a tropical depression.
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nate has buffetted alabama, mississippi and louisiana with heavy rains and wind and has made landfall twice. president trump has just approved alabama's emergency declaration. this is footage you're looking at from overnight in biloxi, mississippi. here's a look when it was still a hurricane. nate's winds are averaging 35 miles an hour and it's expected to weaken throughout the day, and we'll have more on this story coming up in the next half hour. time now is 9:03. animal shelters in the silicon valley to the wine country are filled with dozens of new pets ready for adoption. executives were at the executive airport yesterday as dogs and cats arrived in new orleans. most of the animals are being transferred from being lost in hurricanes. >> it was from hurricane harvey in texas and irma in florida, and now they have an influx of
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moran malz coe animals coming i need to pick up adoption space. >> they are paying it forward from hurricane katrina. they are expected to fill the pet shelters in new orleans. they're trying to figure out why an assassin opened fire from a hotel room, killing 58 people and injuring hundreds more. here's the latest. >> reporter: this morning disturbing new details about las vegas' mass killer stephen paddock. still no motive for opening fire on that music festival one week ago. sources told abc news that paddock likely has severe mental illness likely undiagnosed. they said paddock was standoffish, disconnected and anti-social. and the note found on paddock's nightstand in mandalay bay, cbs' 60 minutes said it contained
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written calculations about where he needed to aim to maximize accuracy and kill as many as possible. investigators are hoping to learn more from people like scott armstrong, the reno car dealer emotional after he says he came face to face with paddock on his lot two months ago. >> no smiles, not very friendly at all. he said he was terribly depressed and that his life was miserable. i just was thinking to myself, this guy i got to get away from because he was so down or negative, and i couldn't help him. >> on sunday night las vegas came face to face with pure evil. >> reporter: vice president pence visited met moral honoring the 58 people killed. ♪ >> reporter: saturday night jason aldean, the country star staged during the horrific attack, spoke out on "snl." >> we're going to walk through these tough times together. >> reporter: cody and his big sister were at that festival,
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markey 41 weeks pregnant. >> i was worried about if i got shot, what about the baby? >> reporter: cody covered his sister and got her to safety, never revealing that he got shot in the shoulder. >> i didn't want anybody else to worry about it, so i just kind of sucked it up and wanted everybody else to get home. >> reporter: cody was released from the hospital saturday. markey gave birth to baby wyatt, 9 pounds 11 ounces. yes, 9/11, just two days after so many lost their lives. abc news, las vegas. the body of stacy etrobar was flown here wednesday. the couple got separated during the shooting when vinnie went to help victims and told stacy to get to safety. stacy, who is 50, lives d in
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nevada and wleft her husband an two children. the vigil for the massacre will begin at 6:00 tonight at the corner of castro valley boulevard and red road in castro valley. we're learning more about a south bay teenager arrested on charges of sexually assaulting a child. this morning police worry there could be more victims. lonnie rivera has the story from san jose. >> and they're all upset. and they have a competition next weekend, so this throws a monkey wrench into everything they've been trying to rehearse for. >> reporter: larry uehle has two children that attends branham high school in san jose. one of them is on the flag team. he said members of the high school band is shocked after learning the assistant band director and accused of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl. >> they had no clue any of this was going on.
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>> reporter: 33-year-old andrew meep was also a director at dartmouth middle school. that's where he attacked the girl. >> we have illicit images of th victim on social media. >> hopefully the judicial system will do what it's supposed to do and due process will take care of itself. >> reporter: on the band website, it says meep was also a choir director and social director for his church. lonnie rivera, abc 7 news. authorities canceled an amber alert after they were able to rescue a little girl in san francisco. the little girl is safe. she went missing at 3:00 p.m.
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yesterday. many of us got the notice on our smartphones last night at 8:00. one of the suspects was the child's father. today was the last day of a big weekend in san francisco. fleet week is in full swing and the bluegrass festival is also on. here's more on the big crowds. >> reporter: nothing grabs your attention quite like the blue angels. the u.s. navy team soared and roared over san francisco bay. they're the stars of the fleet week air show. >> it's great to be an american. >> it's pretty amazing. he thought they were connected, they were flying so close together. >> i'm glad they're on our side. >> reporter: the navy s.e.a.l.s leapfrog parachute team kicked off the air show, nailing their landing target on marina green. >> they just came from 4500 feet out of nowhere. just dropped. ♪ >> reporter: in golden gate
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park, music fans turned out for all things ban jo and guitar. the harden park bluegrass festival is on. police promised a visible security presence for both events in the wake of the las vegas shooting massacre, and that's what we saw. richard pizano says he won't let fear stop him. >> we'll be here today, we'll do things tomorrow, we'll do things next weekend. we will live our life. >> reporter: in san francisco, cornell bernard, abc 7 news. meteorologist frances lawson is here tracking a gorgeous weekend, but you do have some warng warnings. >> we have a beautiful weekend ahead but also some dangerous weather. it is one of those weekends where you won't need a jacket in san francisco, so that's nice. look at the fog in san francisco but a red flag warning will be in effect in a couple hours and i'll have details on that. also ahead, the growing problem at bay area high schools
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yeah i love you too. ♪ ♪ a high-profile lawyer working as an adviser to harvey weinstein says she's stepping down. it was the latest turn for weinstein after it was alleged he reached settlements with at
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least eight women who accused him of sexual harassment. abc's eva pilgrim has more. >> reporter: harvey weinstein, one of the most powerful men in the movie business now a the center of a harassment scandal, even the president weighing in. >> i've known harvey weinstein for a long time. i'm not at all surprised to see it. >> weinstein is pictured picturp weinstein once rubbing elbows with hollywood's elite now back after it's out that he has committed harassment with actors all accusing him, worth $200 million, of sexual harassment.
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he has reached settlements with eight accusers over the years. harvey vowed to sue the timesims but acknowledging he is trying to get better, adding, i have a long ways to go. one of the his accusers includes lisa bloom. bloom tweeting saturday, my understanding is mr. weinstein and his board are moving toward an agreement. at least three members of his company's all-male board also resigning amid turmoil over the investigations. weinstein is the latest in a string of high-profile, high-powered men, bill ailes, bill murray and bill cosby having allegations.
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the president speaking about weinstein's troubles exactly a year after the release of the infamous access hollywood tape that brought his own behavior with women in question. >> he says they were inappropriate. that's locker room. that's locker room. >> reporter: eva pilgrim, abc news, new york. more problems this weekend with high school football games in the east bay. one was postponed and another one was abruptly stopped in the second half friday night. both games involved fights or threats of violence. abc 7 news reporter leslie brinkley explains. >> reporter: no spectators. berkeley high school fans had to peer through this fence around the stadium saturday afternoon to watch the varsity game against tennyson that was postponed. a fight and threats on social media urged them to cancel the game under friday night lights
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and instead played midday saturday with no fans around. >> i was going to go to the game last night and i got an e-mail saying the game was moved to saturday. >> with all the things going on, i think it was better safe than sorry. >> there was no fans. it was just like the whole atmosphere of high school football is off today. it's all good, though. they played well, they had fun. >> reporter: it's the third time a high school football game has been postponed or canceled due to violence in the last week. also friday night, skyline high school was playing football here against oakland tech. in the middle of the third quarter, the game was halted because of reports of fighting outside the stadium. oakland school officials and berkeley school officials did not respond to requests for comment. last week the kennedy high school game was stopped because of shouts outside the stadium by fans. all the schools, they say, are focused on playing football.
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>> like i tell the guys, we can control what we can control, so i don't know exactly what happened, but we did a really good job adjusting and we're looking forward to playing piedmont on friday. >> reporter: in berkeley, i'm leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. happening today, levi stadium is looking for people to fill game day positions. they'll be holding a job fair this afternoon. levi's does more than just host 49er games. the stadium is also home to college football games, concerts and much more. they need more than 40,000 people to make sure levi's is properly staffed for all events. the job fair is being held from 4:00 to 6:00. a dog made famous by its mad dash on the bart tracks earlier this month has been adopted. this dog became famous last month. bart had to shut off power from
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the third rail while they got the dog to safety. officials were unable to locate its owner, so yesterday the local animal shelter tweeted it's now up for adoption and fittingly have decided to name him bart. good morning, i'm frances lawson. it's all clear with live doppler 7, and the satellite image, no fog, no marine layer. it looks like a postcard, just blue skies. temperatures right now mainly in the 50s. san francisco, oakland, san jose all 59. i'll take you from mt. tam looking south toward san francisco. a little bit of haze over the bay right now. santa rosa climbed up to 54, napa and novato 57. we're seeing 60s in fairfield and concord, livermore 59 degrees. from the east bay, we're looking across theri bedg golden gate b. you see some of those hazy conditions out there. winds are very light.
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so we'll have mild to warm days today and tomorrow, temperatures above average. but then it's going to become really windy tonight, and i'll show you just how windy it's going to be. then get ready. a cooling trend next week. temperatures will really take a tumble by the end of the work week. red flag warning by the end of today. we'll see northeast winds with gusts up to 55 miles per hour and with the low humidity that makes for high fire danger. so the red flag warnin in effect for the north bay, the east bay and also the santa cruz mountains. in addition, there is also a wind advisory that starts at 7:00 this evening. with the northerly winds' gusts possibly over 50 miles an hour, the yellow area in the north bay and the east bay, be extra careful. there could be difficulty driving with the gusty conditions, especially if you're in a van or suv. great weather out there for the
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blue angels. 74 in san francisco. in oakland it's going to hit 79 for the raiders game, and in san jose, 84 degrees. also comfortable in the north bay. lots of 80s. 80 in san rafael, napa at 84. enjoy it while you can. it's going to be nice at the beaches, but do be careful heading into the water. there is a strong northwest and southwest swell. check out the current wave heights. they've been above 10 feet this morning. this will make for strong rip currents, sneaker waves and large shore breaks, so be extra careful there. we have been tracking nate. it's been downgraded to a tropical depression. winds at about 30 miles an hour. this is going to move to the northeast very quickly over the does, it's bringing with it quite a bit of rainfall, anywhere from 1 to 10 inches. there are chances of tornadoes in alabama and parts of georgia.
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here's the accuweather 7-day forecast. enjoy the sunny, warm and beautiful weather, but get ready for the windy conditions. tonight into tomorrow still breezy. we'll hang onto the warmth on tuesday and then things start to really cool down. the cooling trend begins wednesday towards the end of the week where we could be quite a bit cooler compared to today. so enjoy this nice offshore pattern that we have. >> you brought with you the sunshine. >> thanks, chris. >> frances, thank you. just ahead, you probably shouldn't do what this man is doing. next, why he says it's completely safe to hang out food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston.
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some people stood in line for nearly six hours yesterday, hoping to get their hands on a very special condiment. our media was at the mcdonald's in the bay area and concord. they introduced a szechuan dip yesterday. they had just 20,000, disappointing many fans. mcdonald's said they were sorry not everybody could get the sauce. take a look. this is dustin radney, and
9:26 am
behind him, yes, he's posing with a bear. the bear has become a common visitor in a neighborhood in pop k popkin, florida, not too far from orlando. he's even taken a picture with his son on top of the bear. radney insisted what he did was safe. we were about 50 feet from the bear and there were cops on either side of us while we're taking pictures. he was just chilling, eating the trash. after eating the trash he took about an hour nap. >> deputies have been monitoring the bear. wildlife officials say it's likely the animal is filling up before hibernating and have asked neighbors to take measures with their trash so it doesn't attract the bear. that's a common sound this time of year along a stretch of argentina's patagonia coastline. thousands of penguins gather there for breeding season. those black dots you see here are penguins on shore there to
9:27 am
find a mate. the mating and breeding season lasts about three months and brings about 150,000 visitors to the area from around the world. still to come on abc 7 mornings. from the world of tech to a trifecta goodness. meet a man who is using his skills to help better the lives of children. we'll see by living off the grid. completely. or... set the washing machine to cold. do your thing. energy upgrade california.
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thanks so much for joining us. i'm chris nguyen. we're starting this hour with a quick look at the weather. here's frances lawson. she's in for lisa argen. hi, frances. >> hi, chris. live doppler 7 showing no clouds around bait arthe bay area. here's how it plays out.
9:30 am
sunny and blue all afternoon, and it's going to be a warm evening as well. inland highs will hit the mid-80s and even by 5:00, it will still be in the low 80s. around the bay look for mid-70s for this evening as well, and at the coast things will stay in the 60s by 5:00. it will be clear tonight and very windy to gusty conditions expected, especially in the north and east bay. i'll have those details as well as a red flag warning, coming up. >> frances, thank you. in developing news, parts of the south are being lashed with heavy wind and rain this morning, but it could have been a lot worse. hurricane nate was downgraded to a tropical depression. however, it is still packing a punch, especially in low-lying areas. abc's maggie rulli joinsoinsoini from mobile, alabama. >> reporter: good morning to you. it's sunny in mobile, alabama
9:31 am
rather than when we were hit with storm surge. nate has now moved on and the worst of the storm is behind us. nate coming to shore twice, first in southeastern louisiana and again on the mississippi gulf coast. the storm system lashing coastal areas with winds, packing over 80 miles per hour. from the gulf coast to the northern regions of mississippi and alabama, residents bracing for the worst. >> they got tornados in these things and you don't know when they're going to pop up. >> reporter: a storm surge hitting low-lying coastal regions and heavy rain. >> biloxi, you can see the rains in the gulf of mexico. they're piling up the water. >> reporter: causing massive flooding on the gulf coast. this family in biloxi had to be rescued. now residents are still waiting for it all to be over. >> we have water, we're full of gas, our generators are working.
9:32 am
>> reporter: this couple, after planning their wedding day for 20 months, gets married in mobile. >> we had pants rolled up and i was holding my dress and we were dancing. >> reporter: the big concern with nate was that storm surge. at one point here in alabama, the mobile river behind me had crossed its banks and flooded this entire area. but nate was such a fast-moving storm that that water has already receded back into the river. maggie rulli, abc 7 news. chris? >> it appears that cleanup should be relatively quick compared to some of the other hurricanes we've seen this season. >> reporter: chris, you make a good point. unlike hurricane harvey that just lingered over houston, nate came and went so quickly they're already able to pick up. behind me we already have a truck picking up logs, already out here trying to get the city back to normal. again, with all floods it does take some time, but as you can see, the water has already
9:33 am
receded a significant amount, so we're already well on our way to getting places like mobile and other coastal cities back into actio. >> maggie, thanks so much for your live reporting all morning long. a successful bay area entrepreneur is using his skills to change the lives of millions of children around the world. abc 7's how he used his non-profit to obtain a very successful goal. >> the goal for the gratitude network over the next five years is to impact 50 million underprivileged children around the world. >> reporter: randy haiken likes to dream big, but he also puts his dreams into action through his chartable foundation called the gratitude network, which helps children locally and globally. >> this is about one of 35 os we work with. >> reporter: after a successful
9:34 am
25-year career in the silicon valley tech world, he's formed a trifecta of goodness. he's applied what he learned to get other successful entrepreneurs to mentor young entrepreneurs. >> the most passionate social entrepreneur is the one focused on children, education and youth. they tend to be really passionate. >> reporter: here's how it works. first, programs like the freedom story which deals with child trafficking are carefully selected out of hundreds of applicants in an annual international contest. then the intense partnership begins. >> we give them a year-long program that includes coaching, mentoring, leadership development, you know, becoming more operationally efficient so they can grow, and we remove the barriers to the growth. >> reporter: chuck fisher is benefiting from the gratitude network partnership. he's executive director of a
9:35 am
program called toolbox of dovetail learning in sonoma county. it's consisting of different tools to help children with social interaction and their success in school. >> we're working with some of the poorest, most traumatized communities in the world. the inner city is a perfect example, one of the most traumatized communities in the nation. kids come into class and they can't control themselves. what we do is we give them the first tool, which is the breathing tool. and the breathing tool is simply accessing the breath. it's like -- >> reporter: he says children can listen and learn more easily when they can calm themselves down with the toolbox skills. >> i can take breaths or i can stop and list ten to what they have to say. >> you can't just say, i can't do this. that means you're losing your courage and not doing this.
9:36 am
they bring courage and you can say, i can do this. i'm struggling, but i can do this. >> reporter: peop >> people have found us on the internet and saying, we need you in this country. we're just starting. they have helped us now with executive coaching because i wasn't trained as an executive director. i'm a psychologist. so i have an executive coach provided for free by the gratitude network. >> she lives on the east coast, so some of her mentoring is done by skype and is already having an impact on the future of the toolbox project. >> our plan is to be able to take this to children everywhere. the scaling of that and the funding of that is really the key piece. >> reporter: gratitude's founder has big plans to help with funding. randy is creating a database of angel investors who are willing to take a call from gratitude social change makers who are looking for financial resources.
9:37 am
and because randy loves wine, he started a new wine brand called entrepreneur. >> that winery is 100% philanthropic. the wine becomes a great excuse for getting couples and individuals and even companies together, enjoy the wine and at the same time be supporting the gratitude network. so a win-win for everyone. >> reporter: so cheers to the gratitude network. cheryl jennings, abc 7 news. >> the gratitude network is holding its annual fundraiser in redwood city. you can learn more by going to san francisco recycles its recycling program. we'll break down how it's different and how it could set an example for other cities. as we go to break, here's a as we go to break, here's a live look ♪ ♪
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. in the east bay, tomorrow's commute may be a little smoother for drivers who are typically in a hurry. 23 miles of new express lanes will be opening along interstate 680 between walnut creek and san ramon. the express lanes run northbound and southbound from rutger road to coster boulevard. you'll need a fast track responder or you'll be ticketed between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. it will still be free for car poolers and motorcyclists. frances lawson, meteorologist, is here and she's been tracking the forecast for us. >> we have another great day ahead, blue skies and warmer weather. here's a live shot from the santa cruz camera. there are a few patchy low clouds in monterey bay, but we'll be at average temperatures for today. also ahead, all fans need ii
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ . good morning, everyone. here's a live look outside from our golden gate bridge camera. you can see the sunshine. outside it's 61 degrees. we'll get a check of the accuweather forecast from meteorologist frances lawson
9:44 am
coming up. in sports this morning, the 49ers will see a familiar face when they play in indianapolis. the niners face frank gore and the colts. kickoff is at the ravens face the raiders. here's mike shumann with the highlights in this morning's sports. >> stanford looking for their third straight win as they travel to utah to face the undefeated utes to lead the pac 12 south. they lead the nation in rushing with 1100 yards, but he has more yards than 1100 teens. second quarter it's love. one move and he's gone. down to the 7.
9:45 am
7-yard touchdown, 13-10 cardinals at the half. first drive of the third. utah is going to fumble the punt. stanford takes over at the 15. that's pretty good field position. but the cardinal having trouble finishing off drives. jet toner, three field goals. now to the fourth quarter. love says, i'll finish the drive for you. finds a little seam down the middle, loses his balance. 68 to the house, end of the night, now as 1238 for the season. stanford has its first loss of the year, 23-20 the final. justin wilcox made his name as defensive. he returned to washington with the bears last night trying to upset the 16th team in the nation. we'll see how the bears match up against one of the pac 12's
9:46 am
best. jake manning rolling, throwing into a crowd. it looks like jayden might have it, but washington's hunter bryant hangs on with a simultaneous possession. second quarter, bryant. he's a good athlete. 21 yards, 14-0 huskies. it's 31 nothing when bryant finally gets a break. cal's darius al lelensworth sco. hosting the kings at the tank. first period and they tip in a shot from brendon dillon. what a shot. sharks all tied up at one apiece. 10 seconds left in the first period. kovatar gets one past jones. kings swarming, and even kovatar
9:47 am
puts the kings up 3-1 and the kings will go on to win 4-1, your final. san francisco state loses to fresno state 20-10. the dodgers over the d-backs to take a 2-1 series lead. derek carr, game-time decision for the raiders. that's the way the ball bounces. i'm mike shumann. have a great day. good morning, i'm meteorologist frances lawson with live doppler 7 satellite. not a cloud in the sky, not even along the coast, and that's going to make for a beautiful day. here's a live shot. we look out toward the financial area and the transamerica tower, 50s and 60s. san francisco, oakland and gilroy all in the 50s.
9:48 am
temperatures also in the 50s through santa rosa, napa, novato. concord at 61 degrees and livermore 59. we're looking at the east bay. we're looking out west toward the bay bridge and traffic will be very busy today. mild to warm temperatures today and tomorrow and then becoming pretty windy tonight. very gusty as well. enjoy it while you can, because a cooling trend starts midweek and temperatures are going to take a tumble but we'll be keeping an eye on that for you. also, in addition to this beautiful weather, it's dangerous because we have this warm offshore flow. a red flag warning in effect tiarstng at 11:00 today. winds will be from the northeast, gusting up to 55 miles per hour with low humidity. fires can spread very quickly so this is in effect for the north bay, the east bay and the santa cruz mountains. the winds will pick up tonight for the north bay and also the east bay. gusts of 55 miles an hour
9:49 am
possible. this will make it difficult for folks driving, especially if you have one of those taller vehicles. look for downed tree branches, even some possible power outages and possibly some downed trees well. i want to show sreens. winds will be in excess of 30, even 40 miles per hour in fairfield. they'll be driving down all the way through san francisco and even along the coast. just be aware of that. and then tomorrow morning things will start to die down. so tomorrow midday winds will be much lighter again. highs today very comfortable. much like yesterday. san francisco 74. look for low 80s through san rafael, richmond, napa 84 degrees as well, and around the bay near 80 in fremont, palo alto, san jose at 74 degrees today. if you're headed to the beach,
9:50 am
the weather will be gorgeous but the water will be dangerous as well. strong rip currents, waves, large breaks. people head to do san francisco for fleet week, and there's been a lot of traffic there for the air show. temperatures in the mid-70s today. tomorrow it's also going to be a nice one. sunglasses and sunscreen for the raiders game at 1:05. mid to upper 70s throughout the game. here's the accuweather 7-day forecast. enjoy the sunshine above average. temperatures, things get really windy tonight with a red flag warning in effect through tuesday. breezy tomorrow morning. still bright and wednesday is when onshore pattern continues. much cooler and temperatures go to above average end of the week. there is a lot more you can recycle in san francisco. the city has unveiled the biggest change to its recycling
9:51 am
program in 15 years. abc 7 news' reporter alan bloom may finally have what goes in what bin. >> reporter: just go to san francisco's biggest landfill and you'll know why they came up with three bins. >> a black one for landfill, a blue one for recycling and a blue one for come post. >> reporter: it became the law of the land. >> what are you going to do with that cup when you're done with it? >> throw it in the mp bin. >> and the lid? >> the recycling bin. >> when in doubt it goes into recycle. let them worry about it. >> reporter: so with a sound system powered by bicycle -- >> can someone please get freddie some water? >> reporter: -- the city makes some changes. plastic wrap and cups can all go
9:52 am
in the blue bin in a plastic bag. over the next two years, blue bins will get bigger and the landfill will get smaller. >> san francisco is on its way to have zero waste. >> changes will be on the way for coffee drinkers who ca finally throw the lid and cup in the same bin. it's not such good news for those who are lazy and throw everything in the landfill. this bin is even smaller than it looks. >> people wonder, what can i put into the green and the blue? >> that's a false bottom making the bin half as big as the other one. there is one for compost and the other for recycling. it ends up here where it's sorted with new technology giving 100 jobs. remember, people touch what you recycle, so clean it out. >> just scrape out the ice cream, and supervisors, where does that ice cream go? >> in your mouth. >> reporter: in san francisco,
9:53 am
jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. coming up, an annual san francisco tradition happening
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9:55 am
here are the winning numbers from last night's $112 million powerball drawing. 10, 49, 61, 63, 65. the powerball number 7. nobody picked all six. wednesday night's jackpot goes up to $128 million. the winning numbers from
9:56 am
last night's $20 million plus drawing. 16, 18, 24, 41, 47, the mega number 23. nobody picked all six in that drawing, either, so next week's jackpot goes up to $21 million. happening today, a tribute for people of italian descent. it's the 149th annual san francisco italian heritage parade. italian-american dignitaries and performers will march from fisherman's wharf to washington square starting at 12:30 this afternoon. leading the procession are the grand marshals, kevin downs. officer downs was shot in the head while on duty last year but has since made a miraculous recovery. time now is 9:56. and a final weather check with frances. >> it is one of those rare days where you don't need a jacket in san francisco. it's fwg to going to be sunny a, a high of 74 this afternoon. oakland hitting 79.
9:57 am
enjoy the temperatures, but dangerous beach conditions with high rip countries. there is also a red flag warning in effect today through tuesday, so look out for that as well with gusts really picking up tonight over the north bay and east bay areas. and here's the accuweather 7-day forecast. it's becoming windy but still average the next few days. on shore pattern returns and we'll be cooling down. >> we can always track it with the abc 7 accuweather app, too. >> yes, we can. >> frances, thank you. thank you for joining us on abcc 7 sunday mornings. the news continues now on line on twitter, facebook and instagram. we'll leave you now with a live look outside. abc 7 news returns afternoon. until then, make it a great day,
9:58 am
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and i am a senior public safety my namspecialist for pg&e. my job is to help educate our first responders on how to deal with natural gas and electric emergencies. everyday when we go to work we want everyone to work safely and come home safely. i live right here in auburn, i absolutely love this community. once i moved here i didn't want to live anywhere else. i love that people in this community are willing to come together to make a difference for other people's lives. together, we're building a better california.
10:00 am
>> the following is a paid presentation, brought to you by beachbody, but filmed by me on my iphone and directly from my heart. >> hold up. i want to ask you a question. how do you feel when you look at yourself in the mirror? not so good. like, "ugh. gross." who is this person? like, you know you have to do something, but it's so confusing! there's fad diets, extreme workouts, and it's working for other people, but it is not working for you. you just want a system, a program that actually works -- hello! -- that doesn't feel like punishment. girl, i got you. >> announcer: introducing piyo, the best of pilates and the best of yoga fused together to create a body-sculpting and weight loss miracle. i am 40, and i have a better body than i did when i was in my 20s. i lost 43 pounds, and it took only about 30 minutes a day.


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